Friday, April 22, 2011

CloudTops - The Digital Revolution Has Begun

Welcome To The Cloud

The fight against the harmful effects of poor web surfing, computer hackers, viruses, trojan’s, and all forms of malicious activity on the web, has begun. If you’ve ever experienced any of these unfair acts against your computer system you can join in on the battle to end this unrighteous form of personal attacks. We are forming a digital community of informed individuals whom sole purpose is to inform one another of the safer web locations to utilize, (web agents) of course these folks will remain safe from personal intrusion.

If you choose to join the fight with us come visit:, It was developed in good faith to help free people from the clutches of unsafe, unguided web surfing which tends to render the user into the hands of harmful web developers, or hackers whom took advantage of some website owners web location. We have been researching for many years to put such a movement into place and make sure that our network stays policed by the most expert minds in the IT field.

By joining our site it grants you exclusive access into a social environment that’s designed to assist you in safe travels across the web, with the help of every member. Our official social network is known as FPC-Virtual, and features a powerful platform for web developers, cloud computing apps & tools. Sign up there.

Once someone either has a bad or good web experience all they have to do is share it on their profile for others to see. The agents move in and examine the suspected source or info’s relevance and when the word gets around people know where to stay away from. If anyone discovers places on the web they find that works well for them, each person can opt to submit the site for inspections and eventual placement onto the internal “Cloud” system or web guide. So we all can ban together to take back what’s ours. We the people of the Free world demand the Internet to be free of maliciousness and we want it today! Business owners also have an option to purchase space for marketing their web locations as well, this is the only form of transactions done on our networks, which is separate from the social environment we’ve developed.

We invested many hours into the development of a safer system for users to interact with. We care for each, and every one of you in the digital arena.

Visit us on any mobile phone or tablet
Adobe 10.2 or better required for Desktops & Laptops
Compatible Web Browsers: Firefox, Chrome or Safari

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